Welcome to Le Xue Education

Le Xue Education is a creative Chinese enrichment centre that provides a unique experience tailored to nurture children in Singapore as capable Chinese learners during their early years. Our specially curated syllabus aims to cultivate children’s interest in and love for the Chinese language.
We want to assist children to embark on a Chinese learning journey of inspiring curiosity and open up a Chinese world of limitless possibilities through reading, writing, speaking, and creative activities like speech and drama.

Inspire Your Child to Fly High in the Chinese world

We provide every child in Singapore with an engaging and effective experiential learning environment to help them grasp the Chinese language. Our preschool Chinese enrichment classes are specially curated by our founder and experienced Chinese tutors, while our primary school Chinese enrichment classes are based on the primary school Chinese language curriculum recognised by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE).

There are a variety of Chinese classes and programme schedules for children in Singapore to join. Our Chinese enrichment classes are designed to satisfy the educational needs of students according to their ages and abilities. Our dedicated Chinese tutors will make sure that your children have a fun time on their Chinese learning journey.

Building A Joyful Learning Wonderland for Children where They Can Have Fun and Grow in the World of Chinese language

Children learn Chinese at Le Xue Chinese enrichment class through our innovative 3R learning method, COC technique and a series of creative activities such as flashcards, word games, songs, Chinese speech and drama. The 3R method is a syllabus that we implements in our 3R Independent Reader course. This method is refined by adding in some local ‘flavours’, such as the Merlion, orchid flower and HDB flats, words and phrases Singaporeans are familiar with and pairing them up with pictures and videos to build a strong interest of Chinese in students. We always strive to deliver a conducive environment for every child in Singapore to have serious fun and explore the mysteries of Chinese culture, unlocking their potential in Chinese.

Meet Our Highly-Experienced Founder

I am Ms Vivien Le, founder of Le Xue Education and 3R Method. I was a former Catholic High Chinese teacher who has guided over 2,000 students to excel in Chinese in the past 22 years.
My 3R Method focused on assisting students in Singapore to establish a strong foundation in Chinese, improving their grades, and even developing a passion for the Chinese language.
Many students in Singapore from schools such as Nanyang, Aitong, ACSI, RGPS, Peichun, Rosyth, Nanhua, and CHIJ have benefited from the 3R Method.
Welcome to Le Xue Chinese Enrichment Class to kickstart your children’s Chinese learning journey. Our experienced Chinese tutors and I will always support you and your children in any way we can!